Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery Presentation

Summary: Follow-up to my ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery presentation in Reno, NV.
Many thanks to all who attended my ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery presentation at Northern Nevada Software Developers Group last week. Here are the slides:

You can download the following demo Visual Studio 2008 projects:
  • ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery Demo
    • Illustrates how to use ASP.NET AJAX (ScriptManager, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress controls) with data-bound controls (Repeater) and jQuery.
    • Uses a local copy of an older version of jQuery (1.3.2).
  • User Search Demo
    • Illustrates how to use the jQuery Autocomplete (by Jörn Zaefferer) and Watermark (by Todd Northrop) plugins.
    • Uses the Google-hosted version of jQuery (1.4.2).
    • Performs user search by name, employee ID, login ID, or e-mail address.
    • Code auto-detects the type of search to perform based on user input (or tries the best guess).
    • The autocomplete (drop-down) box is customized to show text along with image.
    • Data comes from an XML file and retrieved using LINQ-to-XML.
    • Backend user search logic is implemented as a generic HTTP handler.
    • Data returned from HTTP handler to the Autocomplete plugin is serialized with the help of JSON.NET library (by James Newton-King).
    • .NET user objects are automatically converted to JavaScript objects.
If you have questions, feel free to post comments.

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