Friday, February 13, 2015

Technobrief #15

Summary: Recent (and not so recent) findings of software, articles, and more.
CSS Design Fonts Graphics JavaScript
  • Gridforms
    A tiny Javascript/CSS framework that helps you make forms on grids with ease.
  • SlabText
    A JQuery plugin for producing big, bold, and responsive headlines.
Programming Software
  • DVDStyler
    Free slide show and DVD authoring tool. Important features: allows creation of interactive menus (from templates), support for multiple video formats.
  • GlassWire
    Free network monitor & security tool with a built in firewall.
  • LightWorks Free
    The free version of a video editing application (see limitation in the version comparison charts).
  • MP3 Diags
    Identifies and fixes problems in MP3 files, such as duplicate tags, wrong audio duration, character encoding, and many others.
  • Windows Media Preview
    Shows thumbnails for all media files in Windows Explorer.