Saturday, December 29, 2007

Freeware Appreciation Day: ClipX

Summary: ClipX is so much more than your regular Windows clipboard.

This month, my Freeware Appreciation Day's contribution goes to ClipX.

ClipX is a clipboard history manager written by Francis Gastellu. This tiny application keeps track of text- and image-based clipboard entries allowing you to paste items, which have been recently copied to the clipboard, but got overridden by more recent entries. ClipX also makes it easy to strip formatting from rich text- or HTML-formatted values and paste resulting plain (i.e. unformatted) text in a single step.

Since I have already explained how ClipX works and described how to correct a minor problem with its hotkey settings in the ClipX fix post, I'll keep this entry short. If you need more information, check out what other people say about ClipX:
Review by BestFreeApps
Ricky's Web Review
I have been using ClipX for a few years now and it saved me a lot of keystrokes. Unfortunately, it looks like development work on ClipX has been halted (there have been no updates to the application since late 2005), but since it keeps working, I feel that the author deserves a small token of appreciation (I hope, though, that ClipX keeps working until Microsoft wakes up and makes the same functionality built into the operating system). If you haven't used ClipX (or an alternative clipboard manager), give it a try; I'm sure you'll like it.

[UPDATE: After publishing this post, I've noticed articles covering ClipX in a number of prominent blogs, including Coding Horror, Lifehacker, and MakeUseOf. Also, Francis Gastellu released a new beta, so we may get a new version of ClipX very soon.]