Thursday, December 4, 2008

Newsletters to keep

Summary: Newsletter recommendations for application developers.

Most of the news come to me via RSS subscriptions (Google Reader is my friend), but there are several (technical) newsletters, which I prefer getting via e-mail. These newsletters are not very frequent, so I do not mind keeping them in my inbox until I get a chance to read them. Here are the subscriptions I recommend (to software developers):
  • SitePoint TechTimes (bi-weekly)
    Covers technical aspects of Web development. From the latest PHP techniques to advanced HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, ASP, AJAX, and more.
  • SitePoint Design View (monthly)
    Addresses such subjects as usability, page layout, graphic design software techniques, accessibility issues, and all the biggest challenges confronting web designers today.
  • Windows Secrets (weekly, plus occasional updates)
    Offers great tips on Microsoft Windows, including tools and utilities, security, and more.
  • RedGate Simple-Talk (twice per month)
    Publishes practical, in-depth articles and opinion on SQL Server and .NET development.
  • The Code Project Newsletter (weekly)
    Weekly site news, summary of latest articles, and special announcements.
If you have a newsletter to recommend, please leave a comment.