Friday, April 10, 2009

Best of MIX09

Summary: My favorite presentations from the MIX09 conference.

If you are interested in design and web technologies, but did not have a chance to attend MIX09 (the annual Microsoft conference focusing on design and web technologies), here are some of the free online presentations that I would recommend.

Best talks

If you do not have much time, just watch just these two presentations (they both focus on design):
  • Web Form Design (74:36)
    by Luke Wrobleski, Senior Director of Product Design, Yahoo!
    This session focuses on the most common design mistakes and introduces 10 best practices for web form design. The presentation covers such topics as form organization, alignment rules, input validation, using help and tips, progress indicators, error reporting, and more.

  • Ten Ways to Ensure RIA Failure (39:34)
    by Anthony Franco, President, EffectiveUI
    Great (and short) talk focusing on what NOT to do in web design and development. My favorite points include:
    "If you're looking to fail, trust developers to make good design decisions."
    As well as:
    "If you're looking to fail, value the process over the product."
The following presentations mostly focus on design, development, deployment, and security:

  • Securing Web Applications (75:30)
    by Eric Lawrence, Security Program Manager (Internet Explorer), Microsoft
    This talk is more about IE 8 features, but it still raises a few interesting points about web application security.

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