Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jurgen Appelo on Agile and more

Summary: Some interesting stuff from Jurgen Appelo.

Jurgen Apello just published a new quarterly list of the Top 100 Blogs for Developers. I'm glad that Jurgen's own blog made the list because it's gooood. Here are some quotes from a few recent articles:

From AINO: Agile In Name Only:
"I want to suggest the acronym AINO (Agile In Name Only) for those cases where there is a significant gap between preaching and practising the agile approach."
From The Complex Manifesto for Software Development:
"I believe it is time for a new manifesto. A manifesto of complexity. With this manifesto we must recognize that it is human to prefer simple solutions, but also that the world is more complex than we think."
From The Decline and Fall of Agilists:
"Agility is about staying successful in ever-changing environments. That's it. There's nothing more to it. This includes defying any expert who claims that practice X is essential for your organization. Because, quite likely, practice X happens to be something this expert is very good at, and is willing to assist you with, for a considerable consultancy fee."
While we're on the topic of Agile development, here is a very good and brief interview with Jurgen Appelo, where he discuss his experiences of introducing and using Scrum and the curse of dogmatic use of "recipes for success" in software development:

On a lighter note, here is some humor:

From Thank You, Stupid Americans (WARNING: If you easily get offended, do not read this piece):
"Americans are stupid, and I love them for it. Because stupidity leads to simplicity, and simplicity is exactly what we need in software development."
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