Thursday, March 5, 2009

According to Bob

Summary: Quotes from (and links to) recent articles by Bob Lewis.

Here are some good quotes from the recent articles by Bob Lewis.

From Spotting weak managers:
"[B]ad metrics are worse than no metrics: If you have no metrics you’re ignorant and know it. Bad metrics, in contrast, give either the wrong answer to the right question or answer the wrong question."
From To cut your budget, hire expensive employees:
"You know and I know that any number of mediocre leaders mistake getting along with strong performance, while considering employees who make waves to be undesirable troublemakers. When they have to lay off staff their troublemakers are the first to go; the employees they personally like the best are the ones who get to stick around. That means exceptional IT professionals are pounding the pavement right now, waiting for you to find them."
From Methodologies are fine, so long as they aren’t processes:
"No, the problem doesn’t lie in the methodologies themselves. It lies in their cooption by those who turn them into religions, complete with orthodoxies, splinter groups, apostasies, and all the other distractions religiosity introduces to prevent potentially productive employees from accomplishing something useful."

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