Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery

Summary: Brief of the talk and presentation given to Sacramento .NET User Group, plus links to shared resources.

Thanks to all who attended my talk at Sacramento .NET User Group on Tuesday. In case you did not attend the event, the discussion focused on developing intranet applications using ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery. We covered the following topics:
  • Pros and cons of different technologies for building rich internet applications (RIA)
  • Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX and jQuery
  • ASP.NET UpdatePanel and UpdateProgress controls
  • Using UpdatePanel with data-bound controls (such as Repeater)
  • Pros and cons of using UpdatePanel with jQuery (and other alternatives)
  • Adding AJAX and jQuery to an ASP.NET applications (walkthrough)
  • Common problems and solutions for applications using ASP.NET AJAX, UpdatePanels, and jQuery
  • Demos and references (tools, tutorials, videos, and more)
I uploaded the presentation to SlideShare:

You can also download the original PowerPoint slides from Box.net.

To run the demo project, download the ZIP file containing the Visual Studio 2008 solution, extract the files, and open the solution (you will be prompted to create a virtual directory for the project).

UPDATE: The following article by Dave Ward explains the idiosyncrasy that I mentioned in the presentation (firing multiple events after partial postback) and offers ways to mitigate the problem (I will update the presentation and sample):Thanks, Dave!

Here are some additional references that did not make into presentation but you may find useful:


MicMit said...

Link to zip with demo code is actually link to ppt.

Alek Davis said...

O-ops, thank you micmit; the link is fixed now.