Tuesday, September 11, 2007

From real Steve to fake Bill

Summary: A few bits of entertainment and knowledge related to Apple and Microsoft, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

If you're following the buzz surrounding Steve Jobs and/or Apple (iPhone price cut, rebates, etc), you may enjoy the following articles:

The Puppet Master: Love Steve Jobs or hate him, just don't ignore him by Robert X. Cringely (interesting)
Dear early iPhone adopters: Yeah, we f****d you by "Fake Steve Jobs" (funny)
Larry's bold idea by "Fake Steve Jobs" (funny)

Not to be forgotten, here is your weekly dose of (well-deserved, yet good-natured) Microsoft mockery:

Channeling Microsoft Execs by John C. Dvorak (funny)

And a twist of iPod vs. Zune humor:

California by Joel Spolsky

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